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Titties for kitties

After adopting my cat Freya from the Sluníčko shelter, I thought about how to help this organization, which does not only work as a shelter for cats, but also takes care of long-term sick individuals who do not have much hope of finding a family and also run a lot of castration programs in the reported locations. At that time, my initiative resulted in the creation of a charity calendar, and this year it has been 5 years since I support this particular shelter with money from its sale every year. Over the years, I have found a sponsor to print the calendar, so the whole amount can really be donated to the Sluníčko shelter. Last year, I started selling T-shirts to expand the range of purchable products to support the project.

Stay tuned for backstage photos and videos of calendar making and news. I welcome any feedback and suggestions on what you would be interested in within the concept of the calendar and other sales items. If you do not choose anything here and you would still like to contribute to the operation of the shelter, I enclose all the information :).





transparent shelter account number: 2500438542/2010



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